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Sun, Aug. 21st, 2005, 03:36 pm

hey!! haha we're the only 2 i guess ? lol i loove broadway and my dream is to be on it someday, but yea i can make a background to it! but i live in sanford and go to seminole High school (bokey) ghettoness yess, but umm i listen to musicals most of the time but i like hip-hop , pop , ya kno? NO country i hate country , i can sing yes and act, (huge drama queen) i am currently in Seminole hig school's Pizzaz which is #1 in the nation in womens show choir so thats pretty cool, we're actually going to NY for this huge competition and gonna see THe lion king and im so excited about that cuz my other dream is to go to NY. so yea thats pretty much it!! Class of 07'